Want to know us?

Sobre nosotros

Valores Digital is a Spanish company, operating in Europe. A fresh startup managed by executives with a combined 50 years of hands-on experience in IT and digital. The management team is driven by our vision:

«Building networks of joy»

Sure we are passionate about servicing companies with technology, but.. wait.. Hey! We are above all… people… humans! Indeed, we are committed to help, coach and guide our talent in their professional career.

Our team

Our teams exists out of a talented pool of European software developers, IT Operations specialists, Agile coaches, operating in the role of Product owners and Scrum masters, working for our valuable customers. We have a Spanish management layer and a CEO from the Netherlands. The founders are from Belgium, which made us an international company from day one.

Valores Digital believes that if we share the same values and focus on people, cultural barriers do not exist. Working with people of different cultures and backgrounds is our specialty.

Our mission

Valores Digital is helping companies find the right talent through our unique and qualitative tailor made recruitment process.

We strive to provide an inclusive and enjoyable recruitment experience for both employers and candidates, while upholding our core values of joy, no-nonsense, perseverance and eager to learn.